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Sales Leader & Brand Strategist
Luxury Brands & Independent Retail

Growing independent & emerging fine jewelry brands with:

wholesale brand management, business development, merchandising, marketing & events

Serving independently owned fine jewelry & luxury goods boutiques with:

merchandising, inventory management, store operations, marketing coordination, clienteling, training & development

Gold Chain Bracelet

About Me

I began my luxury goods career in the industry leading independent retailer, TIVOL, in Kansas City. First on the sales floor, and then as a member of the buying team. As an insatiable learner, I became obsessed with brands, their stories and how to sell them to our discerning clients. I developed a real passion for the industry &  learned first hand how top brands operated in a leading door.

I went on to spend over 15 years working as a sales, business development, brand manager, merchandising, and wholesale business manager in the exciting and high stakes luxury goods market for Marco Bicego & LAGOS.


I created & led the growth strategies in the US, and Caribbean markets. I have worked as a partner with sales and buying teams in independently owned high end jewelry stores, as well with all the major department stores.


My experience and understanding of the cadence of retail stores, their buyers and their sales teams are invaluable to an emerging designer, or an established brand ready to scale.

What I Offer

Independent Brands
& Emerging Designers

I provide you with Leadership, Strategy & Execution in Merchandising & Business Development. What that means for you is that you have a reliable and experienced partner creating and executing a road map for growing your brand's revenue.

Independent Retail

Using my background in big box retailer merchandising and management, I will show you how to profitably and efficiently run your business. What that means for you is, your store will run seamlessly at all times, and you will be a calm and confident business owner.

Strategy Sessions

I offer 1:1 strategy sessions for entrepreneurs who want to discuss as specific goal or obstacle and walk away with a solution that can immediately be put into action. Schedule a 90 minute session with me today!

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