How We Help Indie Retailers Work Smarter

Retail owners are the ultimate "wearer of many hats".


Between running a business, sales floor and customer service management, and inventory management, there is little time to dive into the micro details of your business.

A big mistake indie retail owners make is spending more time working IN their business rather than ON their business.

Lack of resources, and budget are the main reasons, right?!

Working with The Mel Tull & Co is a solution that fits both your budget and gives you back your precious time AND energy.

Here are things you can look forward to when we work together:

We think of ourselves as your business partner, not as someone who will just tell you what to do and and our part of the work is done.

We help store owners' grow their proficiency in understanding sales, inventory and data to create profit-driving initiatives. 

We will help do the work IN your business by quickly and efficiently introducing systems and processes the big box retailers teach their teams. These will cover store operations, customer service, employee training guides and inventory processing. 

Working together we will create new, more robust sales, merchandising & marketing (social/email) strategy based on data and your current customer experience.

Add time to your life & more profit to your business

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